Tweetails FAQ

What is Tweetails?
Tweetails is a site for Twitter users that calculates statistics on the tweets you've posted to your feed. If you're feeling curious, you can also use it to get stats on other people's feeds.
Are the stats Tweetails calculates exact or estimated?

Most of your Tweetails are calculated exactly based on your most recent 3,200 tweets (or however many you have if you haven't posted 3,200). These include space efficiency, word length, vocabulary diversity, favourite words, tweets per day, most mentioned users and most used hash tags.

The time spent on Twitter stat is an estimate but is derived in a fairly scientific manner, taking into account average reading and typing speeds etc. The intelligence rating is more of a fun estimate and is not exact or scientific.

Tweetails said I am dumb! What's the deal with your intelligence rating?
The intelligence rating isn't calculated scientifically and is estimated by an algorithm we've invented based on other factors including syllables per word and vocabulary diversity. Many things can lower your score, such as posting repetitive content on your feed, or using a lot of "textspeak", so don't take any insults to heart!
Why doesn't my favourite words cloud include words like "and" and "the"?
We don't include 1,000 of the most common English words and a few other words that are very common due to the medium (e.g. "Twitter"). We want the list to have interesting results based on the topics you post about, rather than being full of boring common conjunctions etc.
Does Tweetails work with non-English accounts?
Tweetails only works properly with accounts where the tweets are primarily written in English. This is because a lot of our calculations rely on the grammar of the language, the character set, knowing its common words etc. so it's not trivial to extend it to work in other languages. This is something we'd certainly be interested in looking at in future though.
Why does Tweetails ask me to authorise it to update my profile, see who I follow etc. when it doesn't need this functionality?
Twitter allows apps to request one of three types of access to your account - read, read+write or read+write+direct messages. We can't request specific permissions individually. Tweetails needs read+write access so that we can offer you the option to share your results by posting to your Twitter feed. We won't use our access to your account for anything other than calculating the statistics we offer and sharing them on your feed if you specifically request it.
I'm having problems getting Tweetails to work, is there anything I can do about it?
This site requires cookies to operate, so make sure that functionality is enabled in your browser. If you're still having problems try signing out of the site then back in or clearing the cookies stored by your browser. Occasionally Twitter refuses requests from apps (e.g. if it is overloaded), so there may from time to time be temporary problems with the service which are beyond our control.